my time in Paris

Hello friends,

If any of you follow me on Instragram, you may know that I am currently in Paris! I’m here for two months, with five weeks of my Parisian adventure left.



You may now be wondering, what are you doing there?

Great. Question. Hopefully the answer doesn’t make you as uncomfortable as it makes me. I originally booked my trip to Paris in hopes of staging (shadowing / working for free while / learning while doing mostly nonfuckupable tasks) for a couple of months before moving on to my next job. Sadly, over time, I was forced to face the reality that is a lack of legal work permission in a foreign country and very strict labor laws. In France, like in many places, you can’t work at all unless you are a student or have a work visa.


killer caesar salad at Chez Jeanette

In a flash of luck, a week before I was set to come (a time I spent in full blown panic mode) I found a visa sponsorship program that would give me work permission if I could find a full time job offer for 3-18 months. So now I’m here, searching for a job, learning French (mon français est mauvais) and trying enjoy my time rather than panic daily.


myrtille tarte from boulangerie basso

Since coming, a question I’ve been asked a lot is, “are you loving Paris?” This is a pretty leading question, but I’ll answer it anyway!

Yes, but…

Yes. Of course. Paris is an incredibly beautiful city. The people have been kind to me, there are gorgeous parks everywhere, and the food is fucking insane.


Jardin du Luxembourg

But, it’s hard. It’s hard to be somewhere new, alone. It’s hard to be somewhere new, alone, when you barely speak the language. And lastly, it’s hard to be somewhere new, alone, barely speaking the language, and not knowing if what you’re doing will pan out in the long run.

I try to remind myself that things take time, whether that be making friends or learning a language or finding a job. It’s difficult to face those things without the beautiful New York support system I built over the past two years. I try remind myself that while I think everyone is judging my life decisions, they’re probably too busy worrying if they’re being judged to think that much about my life. And lastly, I try to remind myself that life is fairly long, and I am fairly young. Two months and a potential lack of achieving the dream Parisian boulangerie job is not the end or beginning of anything, but rather an experience I’d like to think I won’t regret in the long run.

So, I don’t 100% know what I’m doing here, but yes, I am loving Paris. My dear, poetic friend, Yulia, told me the night before I left, “life gives gifts to people who take risks.” I’m taking my time here as the gift it is. In the scheme of my hopefully long life, let’s assume this will be one of my many risks.


treats from jaques genin

Sorry for the lack of food talk in this post, but I felt like I had to be real before I could be anything else. Food thoughts coming soon!

Until next time,