Overnight Pumpkin Oatmeal

Hello friends!

If you read my last post then you know that 1) we should be eating pumpkin at all times because it is fall 2) I have two extremely full jars of pumpkin butter hangin out in my fridge. In an effort to figure out how to use said pumpkin butter, I searched the website where I got the recipe and found a recipe for Overnight Pumpkin Oatmeal! Lately I’ve been on the lookout for quick, filling breakfast meals, so this was the perfect opportunity to try something new.

Backstory: everyone that knows me knows I am a procrastinator. I’m not just a procrastinator with the usual stuff (school work, packing, etc,) but with ALL things. Now that I am an “adult” with a job that I have to wake up for everyday, this procrastination issue is hitting me pretty hard. Example: most mornings I wait till the last possible moment to wake up and get ready. This is ROUGH, mainly because I don’t have time to eat breakfast. Not eating breakfast makes me feel like this:

What I’ve learned over the past few months is that life is not productive when you are lack-of-breakfast-hungry. Since eating cereal or making eggs in the morning takes time I clearly do not budget for, I decided to give oatmeal a try!

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Read the recipe here: Overnight Pumpkin Oatmeal

Reasons to try Overnight Pumpkin Oatmeal:

– All the prep is done the night before. That means you can wake up and eat whenever you want.

– Overnight Oatmeal is made is a jar, meaning you can take it with you anywhere. (I found a set of 12 jars for $9 at my local grocery store.

– The recipe is customizable according to what you like! Dont like banana? Skip it! Love almonds? Add them!

– I don’t know too much about nutrition, but the blogger who wrote this recipe says raw oats helped drastically lower her brother’s cholesterol.

– This particular oatmeal is PUMPKIN FLAVORED. Nuff said.

Reasons to not try Pumpkin Overnight Oatmeal:

– You don’t like mushy things.

*Really though, if you don’t like mushy things, you probably don’t like oatmeal and aren’t even reading this blog post!

2013-10-31 00.40.17

Friends, this oatmeal is super easy to make. I’ve made it for about two weeks now and it seriously takes 5 minutes of prep before I go to bed. All you do is layer, mix, and layer the following ingredients

– Quick oats                – Chia Seeds (get jelly-like when they’re mixed w/ liquid)

– Pumpkin spice          – Pepitas (those green pumpkin seeds)

– Cinnamon                  – Milk (I use almond milk!)

– Pumpkin Butter       – Banana slices

– Honey

2013-10-31 00.39.51

As I said, the recipe is customizable and through trial and error I’ve learned to make it just the way I like it.

– Now I add about 1.5 tablespoons of a trail mix I have on hand with pepitas, craisins, almonds and sunflower seeds.

– I skip the banana slices since the flavor masks the pumpkin and just eat a banana before.

– Originally I added the honey but it’s not really necessary since the pumpkin butter is sweet!

– Instead of mixing in the recipe order, I just mix all dry ingredients, add the milk/pumpkin butter and mix again. #lazyyy

Eating oatmeal on the way to work! (Yes, that is a pumpkin spice latte next to it.)

Eating oatmeal on the way to work! (Yes, that is a pumpkin spice latte next to it.)

You can probably tell that Overnight Pumpkin Oatmeals have stolen my heart. I think once fall is over and I am sick of pumpkin, I’ll try some different flavors since it’s so versatile!

So, if you are a breakfast lover or simply someone who is trying to avoid being overwhelmingly hungry in the morning, give oatmeal a chance and make a great, filling breakfast of Pumpkin Overnight Oatmeal!

If you didn’t catch the link to the recipe above, here it is again: Skinnytaste’s Overnight Pumpkin Oatmeal!

wishing you the best in your food adventures,