Aaaand I’m back! (with Iced Oatmeal Cookies)

Dear friends,

It has been 7 months since I have posted on this blog. I know, I KNOW. It’s been a long time. It’s been so long that I had to change the tagline from “being happy in 2012” to “being happy in 2013!” It’s been that long, but good news: I have been re-inspired to food blog!

My food-spiration? Smitten Kitchen! Smitten Kitchen is run by the food blogging Goddess and recent cookbook author, Deb Pearlman. Deb, I don’t know you and you will probably never read this blog, but you are wonderful. Your blog is funny and beautiful and creative and I thank you for food-spiring me.

I have made about four Smitten Kitchen recipes in the past month and they all turned out amazing. Also, I’m constantly reading her blog – mostly in class, but still. Please check out her blog if you like awesome things. Also, please keep reading mine because this is my first post in a while I’m and vulnerable enough to ask that of you. Now on to food talk:

Today I made Iced Oatmeal Cookies (from the Smitten Kitchen blog. Duh). I found this recipe about a month ago when I was in a cookie baking frenzy and knew I had to bring them in my life soon. I even put it on a sticky note on my computer so I wouldn’t forget to make them!


So for a month I had this sticky note taunting me and today I was finally able to bake them!


The recipe was fairly simple. In her blogpost, Deb talks about how she made the recipe less healthy than it was originally supposed to be, because some of the ingredients are hard to find. As a college student, I appreciate this, although I’m sure my health conscious parents, who I will force to eat these tomorrow, will not. I blended the oats in a Magic Bullet, and then skipped out on sifting things because I am lazy. All in all there were quite a few changes to the original recipe, and if you’ve ever cooked with me, you might know that I am aaaaall about following the original recipe… But even with the changes, the cookies came out fantastic!


They are crunchy but still chewy, buttery, and have a wonderful blend of spices. They’re perfect alone, but would also be great for people who like to dip things in milk! Also, scarily, they’re light enough to make think you can eat a whole pan! (Suggestion: don’t.)


On top of how delicious they are, I think the best thing about iced oatmeal cookies is how gosh-danged beautiful they are!


I used a cookie scoop to make them uniform size and covered them with cinnamon-sugar icing. I’m sure there is a proper way to do this, but I made a huge mess by basically throwing icing all over them… No regrets though, because the cookies are gorgeous. So gorgeous that I am about to send some to my friend Madeline, who I love and miss! Cookies like these are perfect to send because they’re flat and harder, so they won’t crumble as easily.


Notes about the recipe:

  • Her bake time is 16-20 minutes, but in my oven, I found that 16 minutes were perfect, if not a liiiittle too much, so I’d say, check in on them at 14 minutes.
  • I think my icing was a bit too thin. She said it should be a honey consistency but when I put in the whole 6 tablespoons of milk, I got more of a tomato soup consistency.  I would just gradually add the milk until you reach honey-level.

Friends, I’ve just gone back, read a few of my older blogposts and realize that this one is a tad different. If you hate it, please bare with me. I’m just getting back in the groove of things! If you didn’t notice the difference, please go back in time and skip this paragraph.

Thanks for returning to my blog after my 7-month hiatus! If you didn’t catch the link to the recipe above, here it is again: Smitten Kitchen’s Iced Oatmeal Cookies

wishing you the best in your food adventures,

P.S. I changed the layout of the blog to make it easier to access all posts. Thoughts?