Battle of the Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am often asked, “What is your favorite thing to make?” I think the beauty of pastry is that it is wide ranging and varying, so my answer is usually a two parter… Continue reading

my favorite croissants in Paris

Before I went to Paris, I was so excited for the prospect of eating a croissant a day or even two croissants a day because I’m an adult and we get to make… Continue reading

how to eat alone

In my almost eight weeks in Paris, I have spent five and a half of them relatively alone. Thankfully, I had some wonderful temporary travel buddies and made some lovely friends in my… Continue reading

summertime strawberries

My favorite place in Paris is the market and my favorite thing about the market is summertime strawberries. This isn’t surprising seeing as even at home I love grocery shopping. In college, I… Continue reading

my time in Paris

Hello friends, If any of you follow me on Instragram, you may know that I am currently in Paris! I’m here for two months, with five weeks of my Parisian adventure left. You… Continue reading

pumpkin chocolate chip bliss

Hello friends! Last week I posted a picture of my favorite fall treat, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I make them every year and they have never failed me. Since a bunch of people… Continue reading

great pumpkin lies (and the muffins we make out of them)

Hello friends! Once again, fall is upon us. As much as I love fall, I have to admit, I was not ready to let go of summer. I was desperately holding onto my walks… Continue reading

salted banana chocolate chip cookies

Does anyone else always have a surplus of blackened, frozen bananas in their freezer? Growing up we always had bananas on hand, often fresh in the fruit bowl but always frozen. In fact,… Continue reading

six months in

Let’s all take a moment to laugh at the fact that I said I would be updating you on pastry school and I did not write a single blog post. NOT ONCE. Are… Continue reading

celebration cake

Hello friends! Big life news (!) that has nothing to do with making this cake but everything to do with cake in general. When I first created this blog my main goal was… Continue reading

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